New Directions

Hello, is anybody here??!!! I can’t begin to say how much I’ve missed blogging! I have had so many changes in my life over the past couple of years that prevented me from being as social as I would have liked to have been. So in the past, my focus was always crafting, mostly making birthday party inspired cupcake and cake toppers. I was selling on Etsy and doing quite well, but my personal life began to take a till, and I was forced to stop selling o. Etsy. It’s funny, though, how life can take a fantastic turn, and in my case for the better.


Part of my journey included getting divorced. It wasn’t something that I was necessarily ready for, but it happened. In getting divorced, though, came the opportunity for self discovery. During my marriage, I spent a great deal of money trying to keep my family afloat. I rarely ever did anything selfish for me, I couldn’t afford it. A couple of years ago, the company that I worked for got bought out. Their image was TOTALLY different. I didn’t have the look they wanted, wardrobe wise. I panicked because I also knew that I couldn’t afford to replace my entire wardrobe. I remember taking one hundred dollars out of our budget to go to the local Goodwill to purchase some items for work. I was shocked when I came out with blazers, slacks, you name it!

I never mentioned to anyone at work what I had done, as I didn’t think it would be well received. I felt embarrassed inside that thrift shopping was my only option. As the years passed, thrifting became the only way that I shopped for myself. In a way, it was like a treasure hunt, but in another way, it was a necessity. I remember as the time was winding down in my marriage, I went to a mainstream store to find myself something new for Easter. I came out of the store empty handed. I sat in my car and cried. It had been so long since I had purchased something new for myself that I didn’t even know what my style was anymore. I didn’t know what I liked. I was so intimidated by the rows and rows of clothing, and I felt as if I didn’t belong there. There was nothing there for me.

Soon after this experience came the divorce. Months and months of stress and anguish. When I finally came out of that fog, I realized that I had a unique opportunity to rebrand myself. I had the chance to start over. Slowly, I began working on myself and figuring out what I like, for a change. In the process, I learned about Poshmark. I was driving to work one morning listening to a local Atlanta radio station and people were calling in their “side hustles” and sharing them with the audience. One in particular made my ears perk up. A woman called in stating that she sells her thrifted finds on Poshmark. I made a mental note of it, and when I got to work, I ran into my office to check it out! I thought this was amazing for so many reasons. By reason of circumstance, I had become a thrifter. I found all types of brands that I was shocked they were selling so cheap! Some in my size, some in other sizes. I remember thinking that maybe this could be my side hustle, too. I couldn’t sell on Etsy anymore, but honestly, I didn’t have the time, as I had become a single mother since the divorce, and Etsy required a lot more of my time. I did, however, need a supplemental income, just for savings, so I thought Poshmark would afford me that opportunity.

Eventually, I began listing items on Poshmark, some from my own closet, some thrifted items. Within the first month, I was making sales. I quickly realized that poshing was much less time consuming than crafting. I joined a couple of Poshmark Facebook groups to learn about the popular brands, and honestly, I’ve done very well, for a part time side hustle. Slowly, I am transitioning all of my social networks to accommodate my Poshmark items. At times, I will throw in some crafting posts, but for now, thus is where I am. Follow me on my journey.

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