Chick Fil A Upcycle Challenge

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I love having the opportunity to try new things, and being selected to be a part of the Chick-fil-A Mom Panel has afforded me a few opportunities to try things that I normally wouldn’t have on the Chick- fil-A menu. For Mother’s Day, the Mom Panel generously mailed out Mother’s day cards along with promotional cards to try the new Spicy Southwest Salad and a Frozen Iced coffee for free. Along with the card was a note challenging the moms to create an upcycle using the container from the Spicy Southwest Salad, which was amazing, by the way! Being a crafter, I was super excited to take on the challenge.


When it comes to crafting I am frugal and everything I use has to be functional, and practical. I love reusing containers and turning them into things that they were not originally intended for, so this challenge was perfect for me. I also have to ensure that what I am re-creating is something that will actually be useful for me and serve a purpose.

Sometimes when crafting, it takes me a minute to figure out what direction I want to go in. Then yesterday I was out at Hobby Lobby looking for a scrub brush to clean my rubber stamps. After seeing the shape of the brush, I knew it was the perfect size to fit into the container.


Right away, I knew that I wanted to incorporate the stamp cleaning pad into my upcycle. The idea of having useful things that are all in the same area appeals to me, so I decided to create a Stamp Cleaning Station that not only included the scrubber, but it contained the drying cloth and it was portable. This was great because I had a huge need for something like this in my craft room, it is portable, and I didn’t have to invest a ton of money.

In addition to the container, here is the list of everything that I used:


Once I placed the scrubbing pad in the container, I realized it was a little too small. I trimmed about an inch or so from the scrubber, which actually gave me two very good pieces…one that fit inside of the container, and another that not only fit into the container, but it gave me a second smaller “brush” that I could use to get into the tiny spots.


After I placed the scrubbing pad in the container, I located a piece of fabric to use as a drying cloth. I’m going to eventually head over to the dollar store and pick up a terry cloth towel that I can use as a drying cloth, but for now, the fabric will do.


Using my Crop-A-Dile, I punched a hole into the fabric and added an eyelet. Next, I used the Crop-A-Dile again to punch a hole into the corner of the container. Then, I put a book ring through the hole that I punched in the container. I also added the drying cloth to the ring as well so that all of it stays together. I could be done there, but I am a huge fan of labeling, so I added a label to the front of the lid titled, “Stamp Cleaning Station.” That’s it. It was ready to use. Everything I need to clean my stamps in one place. Total cost: $2.15 (Cost of the scrubbing pad with the Hobby Lobby Coupon). Everything else I had on hand.


Check out my new Stamp Cleaning Station in action!

Stamps covered with dried on ink!
I added 1 cup of warm water and Dawn mixture to clean the stamps. The extra space left a reservoir for soaking the stamps.
Next, I scrubbed my stamps on the large portion of the scrubber.


Because I had not cleaned these stamps in a while, the ink was a little tough to remove so I used a piece of the scrubber that I cut off of the original pad.


Now it’s time to dry!
I had really allowed my stamps to keep the ink far too long, but it’s definitely better than it was before I cleaned it.
All done!

Eventually I may go back and embellish the container, but at this point, I’m fine with it being in it’s original state. Thank you Chick-fil-A mom panel for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful challenge. Not only did I enjoy brainstorming my idea, but I was able to fill a need in my craft room, too.

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