We Are Moving!


Both my husband and I are huge hobbyists. He’s into bugs! I’m talking tarantulas and scorpians…ouch, right? Well, as we all know, I’m a crafter. A couple of years ago, we converted the largest room into our home (the master bedroom) into a study. After our little girl was born, we decided to move our bedroom to the lower level of our home to be near our daughter. This arrangement has worked tremendously to serve all of our needs. However, I’ve outgrown my space and he would prefer a smaller space. Originally, he had the largest portion of the room and I converted the walk-in closet into what has become Crafty Chic Bowtique Headquarters, if you will 🙂 As my crafting business continues to grow, only one thing is certain…I’m out of space! Last night, we took on  a huge undertaking to move me from the closet to the main room. I’m so excited about the changes and hope that I will be able to create more with the added space at my disposal. The best part about this move…no moving trucks needed! Stay tuned for updates on my new space.

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