Pinspiration: Teacher Appreciation Gift


Lately I’ve had the urge to blog more. Well, I always want to, but in most cases, time escapes me. I am constantly making things and a lot of them are inspired by my Pinterest boards. I thought it would be a great idea to feature some of my Pinterest copycats and let you know the difficulty level of each project…in case you want to tackle some of my pins (or better yet…follow me!).

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week and in years past, I’d always been able to pull off doing a gift for every day of the week. I was hoping that like some of the other schools, my daughter’s school would send criteria for gift giving for the week (ie- color coordinated gifts, themed gifts, etc.), but there was never a note from the school. I wanted to acknowledge the week, and utilize some of the items that I had on hand at home, as I’m trying to reduce the amount of things stored in my craftroom. As I do with any other holiday or special occasion, I looked around on Pinterest until I found the perfect DIY.


I found a cute, yet simple, jar loaded with pencils on the My Mix of Six blog and I knew this was the one! I did have to purchase the jar, but everything else was on hand, which was great.  Before we go any further, I used my Cricut Explore to cut the vinyl for the front portion of the jar. If you don’t have the ability to use a die cutter, any adhesive backed vinyl cutout will work. As you can see, on the side of the jar are ridges, but the front is smooth, so any vinyl cutout within the size that fits in that space will adhere to the jar with no problem.

For those using the Cricut Explore, the first thing that I did was measure the smooth surface on the front of the jar. I wanted to ensure that I had plenty of room to work with, so I reduced my measurements. In the Cricut Design Space, I added a square onto the mat that was approximately 2.5 inches. Then, I found a the font that I wanted and added the lettering to the center of the square. Next, I selected all objects and attached them. Once attached, I cut out the image.

After weeding the die cut and removing the excess vinyl, I transferred my cutout to the transfer tape, leaving the sticky side exposed. I had the opportunity to use a little trick that my brother, who works with vinyl daily on his job, told me about. He told me to make a solution of alcohol and water and put it in a spray bottle. I made the mixture a while ago, but I used 1/3 cup of isopropyl alcohol and 2/3 cups of water. I lightly sprayed the solution onto the transfer tape with the backing exposed to give me the ability to place my image onto the jar without it instantly sticking. At first, I sprayed a little too much of the solution, so I wiped some away and proceeded. This allowed me to slide it all around until I found the perfect position for my lettering. Once the image was placed, I removed the transfer tape.

The next step was super simple, and that was to add the bow. I had red satin ribbon on hand, just as the example above. I tied the ribbon around the jar and sealed the ends with an I-Magicut ribbon sealer and cutter. If you don’t have one on hand, use a lighter to seal the ends of your ribbon.

Now, I could have stopped, but I didn’t have a card on hand, so once again, I checked Pinterest for a saying that would work for this craft. I found the perfect saying (see the pin here). I went back to design space and did a search for “write” and the cutest tag popped up. I printed it out with the saying and ended up with this…


The tag was the perfect addition with the pencils going all around! For me, this was a super easy craft. I’m so happy to have found a cute little idea for her teacher. It seems to me that sometimes less is more. This is definitely one of those gifts that needs nothing more.


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