Karate Party Cupcake Toppers


When I am planning a party, I try to incorporate the items that I make for the party into my Etsy shop, Crafty Chic Bowtique. This year is no exception. After weeks of going back and forth on a theme, I finally convinced my daughter to have a karate party. The truth of the matter is, this was really a no brainer! She takes karate and is doing an amazing job. She even earned three red stars for her uniform (Gi)! I can tell a huge difference in her from the time that she enrolled, until now. She really has embraced karate, and I thought it would be a cute theme for a party. Not to mention, her karate studio has birthday party packages. 


Now that the theme is all narrowed down, it’s time to get to work on the details. I roamed around the aisles of Hobby Lobby yesterday to try finding anything karate related to give me some inspiration, and I found nothing! Every other sport was featured in the form of stickers, paper, stamps, etc. Back to the drawing board, I scoured Pinterest (follow me here), and found a design that I could work with.


I used my Cricut Explore to create the die cut cupcake toppers using the Design Space software. If you are a crafter, a die cutting machine is a necessity! I purchased my first Cricut when my daughter was about a year old. About four years later, I invested in a Cricut Mini. Now, I’m on my third machine, the Cricut Explore. Trust me, it’s well worth the investment when party planning, scrapbooking, and even decorating your home. I could go on all day about Cricut products, but I’ll stop here…for now 🙂 .

When I think of karate, my mind instantly goes to Black Belt. However, my daughter is somewhat of a beginner, and I wanted the level where she is now to be reflected in her party. I came up with the idea to create the Gi with a yellow belt. Technically, she is a white/yellow belt, so I might go in and add a white line on the belt. I also wanted to reflect her red star achievement, so I incorporated that in the design as well.

Next, I’ll work on tags for the treat bags, which will either be a larger version of the toppers, or one with a saying on it like, “Thanks for kicking it with me!” since the children will be taking a board breaking class. It’s going to be a wonderful party.


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