Weekend Craft Update: Our Version of the Mini Crown

mini crown headband

“The Bean” and I completed the Mini Crown project this afternoon. I have to start off by saying what a super cute craft it is. I did the no sew version, so not only was it cute, but it was easy, too. The entire process from start to finish took about 45 minutes. I did have a little help from my Cricut, though. That’s probably what made this project even easier. I also need to apologize, because I did not do a step-by-step photo tutorial, but I plan on doing a condensed YouTube video in the near future. These are the things that I used to create the crown:

  1. Card stock (I used a scrap piece, which was roughly 1/2 of on piece of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet)
  2. Fabric (measurement: 4in. x 10 in.). Thin cotton works best if using the Cricut
  3. Pom poms (5)
  4. Elastic (cut slightly larger than child’s head to allow room to tie)
  5. Aleene’s Tacky Glue
  6. Therm O Web HeatnBond iron on adhesive
  7. Bias tape (cut the same length of the crown plus 1/4 for overlapping)
  8. Eyelets (2)
  9. Cricut machine
  10. Ribbons and Rosettes Cricut Cartridge
  11. Crop-A-Dile (or other hole punch)

By no means do yo need a Cricut machine for this project, it just made it a little easier for me. Here are step-by-step instructions on what I did. Now, I will say, I did not follow the exact directions from the maker*land blog because I did not incorporate the sewing machine into this project.

  1. First, I ironed my fabric onto the iron on adhesive. Once ironed on, I placed the fabric with the adhesive onto my Cricut mat. NOTE: DO NOT REMOVE THE BACKING FROM THE IRON ON ADHESIVE!!
  2. Next, I cut out the chosen design out on my Cricut. I just picked a simple design from the Ribbons and Rosettes Cricut cartridge. I set the pressure to HIGH on my machine and put the depth at 6 (I used the older Cricut Expression model). I also chose for the crown to be cut out 3 times.  This is much easier to do if you are familiar with the Cricut Craft Room.
  3. Once the design was cut out on the fabric, I peeled the fabric off of my mat. This is when you can remove the backing from the adhesive.
  4. Next, I cut the same design out on the Cricut again, this time, using the piece of card stock. I chose a coordinating color to go along with my fabric pattern.
  5. After the card stock was cut out, I ironed the fabric piece onto the card stock. The Therm O Web adhered great to the card stock!
  6. Now time for the assembly! Using the tacky glue, I glued on the bias tape around the bottom portion of the crown. The tacky glue dries fairly quickly, and you don’t need to use much. If you’ve never used it, I highly recommend trying it out!
  7. Next, I pulled the crown together to attach one side to the other to form the actual shape of the crown. I also used the tacky glue to secure it.
  8. Using the Crop-A-Dile, I punched a hole on either side of the crown, then inserted the eyelets.
  9. Once the eyelets were in place, I put one end of the elastic into each hole from the front of the crown. Once the elastic was in, I pulled it through the top to tie it off.
  10. Finally, we added Pom poms…I said “we” because this was pretty much the only part that my child actively participated in 🙂 …besides the wearing of the crown!

                                                            WP_20140118_005              WP_20140118_008

After re-reading this post, I can totally see why it seems like this project took a lot, but it really didn’t…as long as you have all of your supplies together at the beginning of the project. I have to admit, this was my first time using the Cricut to cut fabric, and I was quite impressed. I’ll definitely be doing other projects using this technique. I did read somewhere that the backing from the iron on adhesive helps the fabric to stick to your Cricut mat without ruining it. The mat that I used was a little worn, so I taped the sides of the fabric on the mat to make it extra secure. So, what do you think?

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